1912 Ragtime Ball
Villa del Poggio Imperiale, Florence 15-10-2006


The first range of Early art deco ball gowns was created for this, inspired by Paul Poiret and his vision.


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Empire Ball
Villa del Poggio Imperiale, Florence 10-12-2005


This was the first Napoleonic Ball at Villa del Poggio Imperiale, residence of Napoleon's sister, Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, from 1809 to 1814. Everyone attended in Napoleonic attire and many wore my Regency/Napoleonic dresses.  

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Napoleonic Ball
Villa Gerini, Sesto Fiorentino 30-06-2005



This was the first Napoleonic Ball in Regency Costume at Villa Gerini. The weather was perfect and the late sun shining through the garden windows into the ballroom was magical. My first collection of Regency dresses had their first showing.




The Summer Ball
Villa Montalto, Florence 21-06-1987

 The first summer Summer Ball I attended in Florence, held in Villa Montalto. 

Guests arrived in carriages to this exquisite Ball held in the  ballroom overlooking the extensive park and gardens. 

 I helped make the tiered gelatine moulds and the pies, using pie moulds I bought in London.



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