Press Conference for the Napoleonic Weekend, Lucca, May 2016
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Article in Souvenir Napoleonien
The Grand Napoleonic Ball in Palazzo Ducale, Lucca
The Florentine's expat article, October 2010
by Melinda Gallo



Margarita Martinez

Skirmish Magazine's article
The Napoleonic Ball and Weekend, Florence, 2010

 Skirmish Magazine published an article, written by Margarita Martinez with photos by Phil Thomason, recounting the Napoleonic/Jane Austen Weekend held in Florence in 2010. 

The Grand Napoleonic Ball was held in May in the Villa of Poggio Imperiale, Eliza Bonaparte's residence while Grand Duchess of Tuscany with 125 guests from Europe, Russia, the USA and Australia. 

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Napoleonic Ball at Villa del Poggio Imperiale, Florence
22nd May 2010

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