Hiring Fee:

Costumes can hired from between 70 and 150 euro, depending on the costume and its accessories. At this moment all payments are to be made in cash. 


Security deposit:

All rentals require a security deposit to cover costs in the event of loss or damage to the hired costume and accessories. This amount is equal to the replacement value of the costume and accessories and is determined by Florence Costumes based on current replacement costs, not market value.


Hire Period:

Costumes are rented for a period of 3 days, unless otherwise agreed with Florence Costumes. Once costumes have left Florence Costumes’ studio they are the hirer’s responsibility/risk until they are returned.


Late Return:

If a costume is returned after the agreed date, the security deposit , or part thereof, can be forfeited.


Rental Contract:

Before a costume is taken it must be checked for condition, paid for in full, the security deposit paid in full and a written contract signed. 



Costumes must be returned in their original condition. The security deposit, or part thereof, will be forfeited if the costume is altered in any way.



Margarita will clean the returned costumes, unless otherwise agreed at the time of signing the contract.



Email or telephone Margarita and organize a time that suits.



Please contact Margarita if you wish to purchase a costume. Prices vary from 250 euro up. 


While most press attention at SIHH is grabbed by the flashiest, largest, and most complicated pieces, some of the more simple pieces are going entirely unnoticed. And that’s a shame. In a market full of massive grand complications, minute repeaters